Samsung IMEI Repair

FAST and SECURE way to unblacklist your phone remotely – without requiring any technical knowledge!

Unblacklist your phone forever

Discover your phone is blacklisted after bought from sellers on Facebook, eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, Offer Up, .?

Unpaid Bills! You didn’t know it get blacklisted until it happened.

Previous owner reported lost stolen on the phone that sold to you just weeks later?

It’s Frustrating…

Knowing that you have the phone with

bad IMEI.


and it makes you feel hopeless…

When your device is not picking up signals, cannot use for work, play, or when you need to make some important call…

Buying used phone is a good way to save money on high-end devices. And at the end of your day, the LAST thing you wanted is the phone that is not functional …

You feel like you got scammed and frustrated.

Because let’s face it, you spent your hard-earn money buying it.

And now that you are stuck with a blacklisted phone, you are wondering what to do next.

And the worst part, you already got scammed once, you don’t want to lose money on the services that doesn’t work.

I know where you are…

Because Jean has been there too!

Jean got a good offer online and decided to buy the new Samsung S20 Ultra.

The phone was working fine for a month, but then suddenly it stopped.

Jean called his networks to find out what happened.

He called his network provider (and they couldn’t help him)

He contacted Samsung customer service (and they couldn’t help either)

Then he went to a local phone stores and asked what they can do with it.

They suggested him to pay for the IMEI Cleaning services (It took 1-7 days and about dozen calls back and forth to check the status)

And It Works!

For another week….

Then it gets blacklisted again..

Is it possible to unblacklist the device permanently? without getting blocked again?


You can…

👉 Save time and money without having to buy a new phone or try out stuff that doesn’t work.

👉 Have convenience while staying in the comfort of your home using the service.

👉 Fast and guaranteed way to get your phone working in short amount of time.

We’re here to tell you we’ve created an easy process to fix your blacklisted phone.

In fact, there are only 4 simple steps to get it done.

1. Download

Download USB Remote Client app to your Windows PC/laptop.

2. Connect

You’ll get remote address from our team to connect the device.


Once connected, the agents will troubleshoot the device.

4. Finish

 After the restart, the phone will have brand new IMEI.

If you can follow these 4 simple steps, you can get your phone unlocked and work again in a very short amount of time!

hey, it’s miliunlocks

We’re here to save your phone!

We are a tech support company that specialize in repair all the network locked, Google locked, or bad IMEI on the Samsung devices.

We’ve spent the last 4 years helping people unlock their Samsung device without breaking the banks.

We noticed one common problem that every client frustrated with:

Blacklisted IMEI.

Many of them had been feeling hopeless and lose trust from buying a blacklisted phone.

They ended up looking for some solution, because buying a new phone is not exactly the way to go, and selling this blacklisted phone is only worth as selling parts.

People get burned out and exhausted from trying out options that don’t work.

We knew if we could help our clients solve their blacklisted IMEI problems, it would help them save money and headache!


Samsung IMEI Repair

Samsung IMEI Repair is a special services that is perfect for people who want to get their phone working again fast and permanently without worrying about any problems occurred in the future.

Yes, repair my IMEI now!


Select your models

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  • Samsung Galaxy S10 S10e S10+ IMEI Repair

    $140.00 – $200.00

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Note 10+ IMEI Repair

    $150.00 – $210.00

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 IMEI Repair

    $100.00 – $120.00

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus IMEI Repair

    $100.00 – $120.00

  • Samsung S20 S20+ S20 Ultra IMEI Repair

    $160.00 – $220.00

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 IMEI Repair

    $100.00 – $120.00

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 IMEI Repair

    $90.00 – $100.00

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus IMEI Repair

    $90.00 – $100.00

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 IMEI Repair

    $90.00 – $100.00

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Active IMEI Repair

    $90.00 – $100.00

  • Samsung Galaxy A10 A10e A20 A30 IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Tab S4 IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Tab S6 IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Galaxy Fold IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Galaxy A7 A70 A730F A750F A705F IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Galaxy A50 A505U A505F IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Galaxy A5 A520F/A520W8 IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Galaxy S7 IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip IMEI Repair


  • Samsung A90 5G IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Galaxy A9 A920F IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Galaxy A9 A910F IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Galaxy A8 A805F IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Galaxy A8 A530F A530W8 IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Galaxy A7 A720F IMEI Repair


  • Samsung Galaxy A6 IMEI Repair


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