Get ready to unlock your phone with highly skill agents, fastest services, lifetime warranty and confidently take your phone with you around the world.


We Unlock Your Samsung Devices

Google Lock Removal

Accidentally reset the phone and you see the infamous Google Activation Lock?

Don’t worry, we can remove FRP/Google Lock on Samsung devices so you can continue to enjoy all the functions of your mobile device.

Direct Unlock by USB

Unlock your phone to use with other carrier DIRECTLY by USB Remote method.

After unlock you can go anywhere in the world with 100% FULL NETWORK, any carrier of your choice, and not rely on just one network provider.

IMEI Repair Service

If you’re getting “no signal” errors on your Samsung phone, that’s the indication saying your phone is blacklisted. 

This solution is specially designed for phone that has been blocked or blacklisted.


What You Get

Direct Unlock by USB Cable

No Modification To Software

World Class Support

Phone Get Updates As Normal

Lifetime Warranty

Travel Without Hassle

No Technical Knowledge Required


Solve Your Phone Problems – without ever leaving your home!

We use a revolutionary USB over IP technology to share/connect remote your Samsung devices over the Internet. 

It allows us to provide remote diagnostics of your device. Connect over the Internet, your device will appear on technician computer as though it were attached to the machine physically.

Great and excellent work guys, keep it up. I would highly recommend this service!! Thank you very much


New phone was purchased on Kijiji, Seller stopped paying his bills after a couple of months. Samsung couldn't help. Carrier didn't care, they collected insurance and blacklisted phone. Scammer got his money.. These guys were helpful and professional. Phone is working again. Cheers.


They remove my blacklist phone within 30 minutes. i am very happy this web site. good job. i recommend any one to do your blacklist or unlock.



Absolutely the best service. Very professional and a quick process!”

Once payment was sent the chat dialog pops up and he is there ready to work on your phone, I couldn’t believe it! He also took the time help me fix my sim card issue. He knew right away what was wrong and it saved me countless hours. Definitely worth every now!

Hardly took 10mins to finish the job.!”

I was initially having doubts as I’ve never had my phone’s IMEI repaired before but miliunlocks took care of it like a pro! It took 1-3 business day for my order to complete as it says on the website. The tech was remotely able to connect to my phone and fix the issue. Hardly took 10mins to finish the job. Now my phone is working again and I am one happy customer. Milliunlocks, you rock!

“This is my one-stop-shop for Unlock”

Thanks to Miliunlocks, my phone is working again! Very satisfied with the service. The process was straightforward and also thank you for being patient with my internet connection. Highly recommended!

business support

Support and repair Samsung devices over the Internet

Miliunlocks eliminates the need for finding unlock solution, which allows reducing time investment in handling customer issues. The services works over any distance no matter how far your store is located.