Samsung Google FRP Lock Removal

FAST and SECURE way to remove Google Account Verification/FRP your phone remotely – regardless of Samsung devices that you own. 

Received the phone as a gift from your friend/relatives and they forgot their Google account password?

Bought the phone online from eBay, Facebook, Craiglist, Kijiji.. and you can no longer contact the seller?

Your new Samsung phone now required the previous Google account and you can’t do anything but look at it helplessly.

Why Does Samsung Have the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on the Device?

(FRP) is a security method that was designed to make sure someone can’t just wipe and factory reset your phone if you’ve lost it or it was stolen. It’s a good thing – it makes a stolen phone harder to use, which makes it less appealing to thieves, and anything that can protect our data on a phone we’ve lost is welcome. 

(This protection is similar to iCloud reactivation lock on iPhones)



So How To Unlock It?

You’ll pretty much need to know the login details for the last account that use the phone before you can setup the phone and create a new owner account.

There are also random workarounds on the Internet, like some FRP bypass tool, but they tend to get patched almost as soon as they are discovered when the new Android 10 come out.

Unlock it The Right Way

A professional unlocking company provide Premium Services for Google Verification Lock (FRP) Bypass, by leveraging the power of Advanced Remote Technology.

miliunlocks is an exclusive company that was founded over two years ago and has since worked with over 500 business, helped over thousands people unlocking their phone, and strive to unlock milion phones. That’s what the name is about!


Permanent Bypass


Save Your Time

Warranty Protection

No more having to rely on Samsung™ Support – unlock your phone today!

Supported Models

S7, S8, S9, S9 Plus, Note 8, Note 9, etc. You name it. We can do them all

Samsung Google Lock Removal


Support all Samsung cellular devices.

We Support Latest Security Updates from Samsung

We love Samsung updates. It’s cool enough!

But it’s also not for everybody…

At least it’s not for the kind of people who are not tech-savvy.

And don’t get me wrong, you can still find some information out there saying that you can do it by yourself by installing some APK app and tools.

But you have to agree with me that Samsung updates frequently and they patched all the loopholes in the security very fast!

What works 3 months ago doesn’t work today….


Here Are All Reasons To Not Use Free FRP Bypass Tool

Be careful if you accidentally download the virus to your computer!

You’ll dive deep into find what works. There’s only like 20,000 of them free tools out there. And you have to get them all! But you didn’t know that they are all the same tools and running the same commands.

You’ll get seriously annoyed when the tools says “FRP Removed Success” and the lock still there.

Scratch your weekend plans, you spent whole day just to try to do it all by yourself. No time to enjoy your weekend!

People will start asking you for doing their phone as well.

You’ll start checking all the sites to see if there is any new solution come out and spend time to implement it.

No one will understand why you’d much rather find free app that not work than have a good time at the beach


Some Recent Reviews…

Absolutely the best service. Very professional and a quick process!”

Excellent Service, S9+ done within a few minutes, Highly recommended!!


Hardly took 10mins to finish the job.!”

Purchased a service in the middle of the holidays and it was done in less than 48 hours. 10/10

“This is my one-stop-shop for Unlock”

Thanks to Miliunlocks, my phone is working again! Very satisfied with the service. The process was straightforward and also thank you for being patient with my internet connection. Highly recommended!

How To Remove Google  Account/FRP Lock on your Samsung Device

This is where our solution comes in and helps you out. We can solve this issue for you just under MINUTES!

1. Download the app

Download USB Remote Client app to your Windows computer.

2. Connect

You’ll get remote address from our team to connect the device.


Once connection established, the agents will troubleshoot the device.

4. Finish

Now, your device will reboot automatically. After the restart, the FRP is completely removed.


Still Have Questions?

What Are The Requirements To Get This Done?

Your only requirements are a computer running Windows, an USB Data cable to connect your phone to the computer, and a fast/good stable Internet connection. Whole process from start to finish takes about 10-15 minutes, that’s all!

How Long Will It Take To Get My Orders Done Once Purchases?

For Google Lock Removal Support it will be completed IMMEDIATELY once purchased if during Business Hours.

Outside of Hours of Operation you can freely send us messages to our email address [email protected]

Will I Be Able To Reset or Upgrade My Phone After You Remove the Google Verification?

Yes, this is a permanent fix to your phone once the lock is removed on your device a factory reset or firmware upgrade will not trigger the old account but it will trigger your account from when you first setup the phone.

Do You Have Any Kind Of Warranty or Guarantee?

We have 100% GUARANTEE on all of our Google Lock Removal. Please keep in mind that we only support the phone which have Google Lock and not MDM Lock. Please check carefully before purchase.  

What Model Number That You Supported?

We Support ALL the Samsung handheld device on the market and ALL carriers. Some of the model are: G950U G955U G892A G892U N950U N960U G960U G965U G930A G930T G930P G930V G935A G935T G935P G935V. etc…

If you are wondering about your model number just contact the agents on the LIVE CHAT and he will help you out right away.

Will Everything Work Normal Afterwards?

Everything continues to work as intended afterwards (text, calls, 4g, etc).

Do You Need To Access Our Computer Remotely?

NO! We are not invasive and do not need to remote access your computer. We have our own innovative process which allows us to service your phone without the need to access your computer!. But if you don’t meet our requirements for the process to be 100% work; and you still want to unlock your phone – such as slow Internet, Driver issues,etc. – then accessing your computer will be the last solution. 

Does My Phone Need To Be Rooted?

We do NOT and WILL NOT need to root your phone at all. We also recommend you not trying to root your phone by any means.

If This Doesn't Work, Will I Get a Refund?

Refunds will be given if we cannot servicing your device, for example bad Internet connection, bad USB cable, bad USB ports etc.

Please keep in mind that we only support the phone which have Google Lock and not MDM Lock. Please check carefully before purchase.  If the phone have MDM Lock and you didn’t check before purchase, it will trigger the Google Account Verification again. If that’s the case no refunds will be given.

Unlock Your Phone Today

Network Unlock all the latest Samsung Devices in the market by Direct USB Cable. No more waiting for codes!