What is UICC unlock on Samsung Sprint Devices

Have you ever get into the Sprint Activation screen where it just keeps loading when you put your SIM in or after you do the factory reset and then the phone locked with somebody else data?

This time we will be looking at something which is called UICC UnlockNow what is UICC? And What can be done about it?

Before we jump right into the UICC Unlocking and what it is, we should first take a little look at the unlocking and its types.

SIM Unlocking:

When your smartphone is locked in the sense that it can not run any other carrier service, SIM unlocking procedure comes into the play. In other words, the device is manufactured with programming restrictions allowing the support to only one carrier service. If you have purchased a carrier-specific phone such as Sprint-based, then you fall into this category. You can either go for Direct SIM Unlock which, as the name suggests, will allow you to run various carrier services either domestically or internationally.

MSL Unlocking:

MSL here stands for Master Subsidy Lock. In this scenario, the smartphone is generally integrated with a disabling software having a unique locking code. If you have a device that was launched before February 2015, then there is a high chance that your device might be using the MSL Locking technique.

UICC Unlock: What it is? How does it work?

UICC stands for Universal Integrated Circuit Card. It is a new generation of SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) included in smartphones or notebooks used in some high-speed wireless networks. The UICC identifies you to your wireless carrier so they know your plan and services. It can store your contacts and enables a secure and reliable voice and multi-media data connection, global roaming and remotely adding new applications and services.

So when the phone is getting activated, from connecting to Wi-Fi or from the SIM card, it sends a packet of data to the wireless carrier server to verify the identity of the phone and restore some of the settings which was previously setup on it.

Also, UICC is the reason for some Sprint phone lost multimedia messaging features and network issues even AFTER the phone is unlocked.

What to do for Sprint UICC Activation?

If you get that errors show up, the first thing we would suggest is by flashing U1 firmware. This is official release Universal firmware of the phone. You can use Odin to flash the phone. Click here to learn on how to use Odin to flash the firmware to Samsung device.

After you tried the previous method and the Activation Screen still show up, then you will need to use 3rd party services to unlock it. This issues is due to the CSC configuration of the phone is currently locked to Sprint. CSC is the abbreviated form of “Consumer Software Customization” or “Country Specific Code“. CSC is an essential component of Samsung firmware binaries and it contains customized settings, system configurations, localization and Geo-specific things such as the system language, APN settings, and carrier-branding.

At miliunlocks we can change the CSC configuration of the phone in just less than 5 minutes. Click here to Learn more

Here are the steps which you need to follow to unlock your smartphone using Miliunlocks service.

  1. You’ll first have to download the USB Remote client app to your Windows computer. Yes! The method only works with the Windows operating system as far as we know.
    Note: The address to the software will only be available to you once you pay for the service.
  2. Miliunlocks will give you a remote address through which you can connect your smartphone.
  3. Once the connection is established, the agents from the Miliunlocks will troubleshoot your device. At this step, you don’t have to do anything. Let the company take care of the entire complicated process.
  4. Once it’s done, your phone will reboot itself.

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