How To Repair Samsung Galaxy S8 Active IMEI Numbers

As you probably know, the IMEI number is the one thing that can confirm to any operator and carrier that your Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is a legit device, never before reported as stolen or lost. As long as the IMEI number isn’t flagged as problematic in any way, you should be able to enjoy all services without exception.

Things change, however, when, for whatever reason, you discover that you have an IMEI number issue. This can easily prevent you from making use of standard services – calls, SMS, mobile data, and so on. It’s bad and it asks for a quick solution. That’s what you’ll get from this tutorial explicit advice on how to restore and repair your Samsung Galaxy S8 Active null IMEI #. We have prepared two different methods for you, read them and decide for yourself:

Method #1 – the actual null IMEI repair or restore

  1. Turn on the phone and enable the USB debugging mode;
  2. Access the USB debugging mode;
  3. Use a USB cable to connect the device to any PC;
  4. Download the EFS Restorer Express;
  5. Launch the app;
  6. Run the file labeled as EFS-BACK.BAT;
  7. Select your preferred method of restoring the EFS via Odin.

Method #2 – the outdated firmware problem fix

  1. Unlock the device and head to the main screen;
  2. Open the Apps icon;
  3. Access the general Settings of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8;
  4. Go to the About Device section;
  5. Tap on Software Update;
  6. Wait until you get a pop-up notification that there’s a new firmware version available;
  7. Select Download;
  8. Wait for it to finish and update the OS.

Any of these two – or both of them, if you’ve tried the first one without success – will take you to a functional identification number. For now, you can say that you’ve fixed the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active IMEI # problem. If it’s something else, more serious, that you should be dealing with, like IMEI get blacklisted, in financed, or need to unlock, check out this source.

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